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YouTube, is the second largest search engine, YouTube can help improve your SEO and overall brand presence. YouTube allows marketers to present unique content that's easy for viewers to consume and share. YouTube marketing can be an intimidating tool for brands.




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    Why Youtube Marketing is Important ?

    Video marketing is one of the most important aspects of inbound marketing. It is one of the most effective ways to get brand awareness, give value to your audience, and gain their trust.

    Nowadays, our attention span is even shorter than in years past because of the thousands of distractions. Especially on social media, people are just scrolling, and if they happen to watch a video, they will continue scrolling when the first 10 seconds of the video aren’t interesting to them.

    This is why social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn encourage uploading the video directly to their platforms, instead of sharing the YouTube video. Unlike YouTube videos on these platforms, the users don’t click on the video to start—it plays automatically when they see it in their feed.

    Youtube Marketing Process

    Research and Strategy

    Analyze which of their videos gets the most attention and engagement. This can give you an idea of what topics and video formats your audience is interested in learning about.

    Optimize your videos for visibility

    70 percent of the top 100 Google search results include YouTube videos. Take a look for yourself. Google will return something from YouTube for any given product or "how-to" query..

    Target Audience

    You want to make sure that any type of content you produce is in line with what your audience wants. Start by getting to know your audience and what kind of content they want to see from you, whether you're writing a blog post or making a video.

    Conversion Optimization

    The secret to writing great titles is to attract your audience's interest without using clickbait headlines. People expect entertaining content, and they also want to know what your video is about from the beginning.

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